1:15 AM

Dear Blog,

I am very sorry that i have been neglecting to update you. hahhahaha. lol. wha? bla bla bla

It has been more than 2 years from the last post I did. Why? Well.. Things in Life, needs to keep up to date with the times. That's not it, actually I just can't be bothered typing my thoughts here. Im a deep thinker.. If i typed everything here, ill be still typing by the time u read this. =P

Due to the type of job i have, i need to start to have the habit of documenting a journal or a diary. This is... i guess is a start.

I cant seem to recall any crazy major achievements for the past 2 years til now. hmmm. I tend to forget things if its irrelevant. If its important, itll be stuck in my head for years on. If its not, well bad luck lol. sorry ;P.

But I did learn few things this year, I realised i have this nervous giggle... -_- ... everytime i do it, it makes me think twice grrr. He was a trained psychologist and a motivational speaker from my course.

And also, I have come to learn that i am an INTP. I didnt really know it existed. Before this to me, to differentiate individuals was from the month when theyre born? even though most of them were way off lol. Neways, It is one of 16 personality types defined in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Introversion, Intuition, Thinking & Perception.  You got time to read? hahhahah here's a detailed description of my personality. http://www.intp.org/intprofile.html

If your even more bored. heres some famous INTPs http://www.celebritytypes.com/intp.php hahahhaha.

Oh yeah, I have a career now. Ill be officially employed on a trainee wage from next week, when i start doing some site managing of a Shop Fit-out on my own. I am abit nervous.. and excited at the same time. The reason why, its on a Union site.. for those who dont understand what that means in this industry. Its just it can get pretty complicated. To get a permit itself is a pain. Very restrictive on everything, extremely high standards of OH and S.
 The good thing about it. Its on the same suburb where i live hahahha. convenient. I just hope I dont have to go back to the office often. lol.

My goal next year is to be able to do project management on my own. Hopefully on multi-million dollar sites. ;). Amin~

Ah man... i cant be bothered fixing and adding anymore stuff, my browser keeps crashing... oh well. better than nothing.

Nimitsuka 4th November 2012